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Trust and Experience

Giving back to the community they call home is important to Ben Papale and Adrien Bellagio, so the pair entered the real estate industry in 2009 to help Chicago’s buyers and sellers fulfill their aspirations. “We place our clients’ needs, desires, and satisfaction first and foremost, because their happiness is paramount to us,” says Papale. Bellagio agrees. “We offer extremely personalized service that’s results-oriented and we give our full attention to the people we serve,” he explains. “Every client is a VIP.”

Papale, the recipient of the military’s Bronze Star Medal and the U.S. Army’s Combat Action Badge, balances protecting the country with helping buyers and sellers. This fall marks his 15th anniversary in the Marine Corps and the Army National Guard, a third-generation family tradition of military service he is proud to continue.

Papale’s business has evolved over the past seven years to include renters, landlords, sellers, and high-end property management companies, but he says his approach has remained consistent. “Clients are drawn to us because they know we’re passionate, and it shows in how we interact with them,” he explains. “We’re data-driven, so we’re as comfortable talking market stats as we are communicating on a personal level.”

Papale adds that his multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan – he served as a Joint Fires Observer and Combat Advisor, and he led NATO Joint Operations Center projects – perfected his calm demeanor under pressure. “Nothing flusters me, even in the most stressful situations, and that serves my clients well when we enter intense negotiations.”

Colleague Bellagio remembers the Sunday afternoons his family spent touring and admiring neighborhoods during his childhood, an experience that spurred his appreciation for design and stunning architecture. A former Ford model who worked across the globe on runways and in print from age 16, he enjoyed a highly-successful career in corporate banking before transitioning to real estate, a shift that felt natural and proved to be one of the best decisions of his life. “The foundations of every client relationship we build are honesty, integrity, and dedication, and those qualities ultimately lead to the moment when people are not just clients, they’re friends,” he says. “It’s the moment we look forward to most, in addition to seeing people’s face light up when we walk into their new home.”

Bellagio is particularly skilled in helping buyers and sellers reach a consensus that makes both happy, a role that leverages his problem-solving abilities and talent for gathering, analyzing, and presenting research to best accomplish his clients’ goals. “I’m in a career I enjoy thoroughly, and one that truly utilizes my talents,” he says.

Papale loves Chicago’s street festivals, playing with his dog on the beach and at the park, and serving on the Associate Board of the National Runaway Safeline, Vice-Chairing the Professional Development Committee and serving on other committees of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®. Bellagio cherishes the opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones, describing them as a source of inspiration that encourages him to be his best.

But when all is said and done, others’ happiness is always top of mind for this dynamic duo. “Matching Tiffany flutes and Veuve always bring a smile at a closing,” laughs Papale, “and being handed their keys is even better!” adds Bellagio.

“Real estate transactions are the biggest purchase or sale that almost any individual is going to make. It’s our job as the real estate experts to make sure that transaction is in their best interest.”Ben Papale