What Americans Say About Their Neighbors

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The American Housing Survey is an annual look at the U.S. housing stock released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition to information about the types of houses and neighborhoods Americans live in, the survey also compiles data on housing costs, neighborhood social life, use of public transportation, and disaster preparation. Among the highlights of this year’s survey, a majority of Americans say they get along with their neighbors and 82.4 percent report talking with their neighbor within the past month. Nearly half of participants also said they are very willing to help their neighbors. In addition, the survey found that most American homes have pets, with 15.2 million pet-owning households across the country. Also, 40 percent of households reported walking to nearby destinations, such as entertainment, grocery stores, shopping centers, work, school, and places of worship. Among housing units, 65 percent are owner occupied and 35 percent are occupied by renters. The median size of all single-family homes was 1,800 square feet. More here.