Why Buy a Home In Andersonville

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At the Bellagio-Papale Group we’re truly dedicated to the neighborhoods that we serve as realtors. We have chosen these areas because we know and love them and it’s a privilege to make finding people the perfect home in the place you love.

To help prospective buyers better understand the area we cover we’re putting together a profile of each of the neighborhoods we cover starting with Andersonville.

Andersonville is a neighborhood North of the city center not far from along the shore of Lake Michigan. It is within the Edgewater community area of Chicago. The area is well served by the Chicago Transit Authority being on the Red Line. If you’re an avid cyclist the area also has a strong network of bike lanes. It is also not far from the Chicago Lakefront Trail popular with cyclists and a beautiful way into the city center.

It is a diverse neighborhood, originally a small village settled by Swedish immigrants before is was swallowed up by the city. It grew rapidly after the Great Chicago Fire. The city banned the building of wooden houses inside it’s boundaries cause many residents to head north where they good establish a cheaper residence, not having the money for brick construction. There remains a strong Swedish influence including the Swedish American Museum. There are a number of Swedish Bars and Restaurants. Try a glass of Glogg, a kind of mulled wine around Christmas time!

There has also been a more recent influx of middle eastern businesses and residents as well as smaller numbers from around the globe. As such Andersonville is incredibly diverse with eclectic dining options and a vibrant feel. Andersonville and the broader Edgewater area also has a prominent LGBT community.

A number of wonderful events and activities breathe a unique spirit into the neighborhood. Every Wednesday from June through to October there is a farmers market. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on produce grown locally. The Swedish Christmas Market or Julmarknad is held in early December each year and offers a festive treat and a taste of Andersonville’s Swedish history.

If you would like to find a home in Andersonville we can help. We know the local area inside and out and are always on the lookout for stunning homes for our clients. Give us a call today. You can reach our office at 312-448-7259.