City Vs. Suburbs: Where Do Americans Want To Live?

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Since the middle of the last century, Americans have generally been moving from city centers into suburban homes. But though the suburbs have grown at a faster pace than cities have over the past 50 years or so, there has been a lot written lately about Americans abandoning the suburbs and moving back downtown. The trend, according to a recent article on RealtyTrac, can be looked at from a number of angles. For example, a recent reading of Census data showed 19 of the 51 largest metropolitan areas saw their urban core growing faster than the surrounding suburbs between 2012 and 2013. This has been used to illustrate the resurgent popularity of city living. But, read a different way, it proves exactly the opposite. After all, those same numbers mean 63 percent of the largest metro areas had suburbs that grew faster than their cities. Some analysts believe that – though there has been an increasing trend among certain demographics toward city living – the general patterns have remained the same, with formerly city-loving 20 somethings eventually moving to the suburbs as they start families and begin to settle down. More here.