Finding a Home in Ravenswood

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Located within the great city of Chicago, you will find the booming neighborhood of Ravenswood. It sits on the northern side of Chicago; over twenty years ago, Ravenswood was simply seen as a city that would soon make good for itself. Today, it has proved that prophecy to be true. Ravenswood has some of the most desirable property in all of Chicago, thanks to its residential homes fashioned in a courtyard style. Both within and without Chicago, people look to Ravenswood for its top-notch real estate.

At least three parks lie within Ravenswood’s domain: the Winnemac Park Prairie along North Leavitt Street and West Argyle Street, Ronan Park, and the River Park. The latter was named after its proximity to the North Branch of the Chicago River. This makes it a scenic area, especially since both Ronan Park and River Park overlook the water. A little bit to the east, you will find Lincoln Square, named so because Ravenswood rests within the Lincoln Square Community Area, which stretches to neighborhoods such as Andersonville and Budlong Woods. Lincoln Square is the center of hustle and bustle within the Ravenswood Neighborhood, and it is only a few blocks away from the Winnemac Park Prairie. The south of Lincoln Square is home to the intersection of the two major roads in Ravenswood: West Lawrence Avenue, and North Western Avenue.

Within the Ravenswood Neighborhood, you will find other attractions besides the parks, such as the Davis Theater and the Old Town School of Folk Music, both of which are heavily attended. Ravenswood is also not too far of a drive from Wrigley Field, and also Lake Michigan. From Lincoln Square, it is a thirteen-minute drive, or a thirty-minute bus ride, to the gorgeous Montrose Beach. There, you can stand on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, eat at a beachside restaurant, or go kayaking. For all bird lovers out there, the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary and the Magic Hedge offer excellent escapes from the hubbub of inner city life.

Near Ravenswood, you will also find the Montrose Nature Area, Cricket Hill, Wilson Skate Park, Clarendon Park, Arai Campus Park, Horner Park, Gompers Park, Warren Park, Irving Park, Albany Park, and LaBagh Woods. In addition to the Davis Theater, you will find the Riviera Theatre slightly outside the neighborhood boundaries. Many scenic cemeteries also exist in the area, which are kept in pristine condition, accompanied by small but lovely ponds. In all, residents of Ravenswood find that there is plenty to do inside and outside the neighborhood.

There are advantages to being in one of the most centrally located neighborhoods in Chicago: theaters, parks, Lake Michigan, easy access to transportation, Wrigley Field. With real estate values on the rise, now is the time to get involved in the amazing area that is Ravenswood. Since the 1990s, Ravenswood has been on the rise, and it has given no signs of stopping any time soon. For singles, couples, or families, Ravenswood is one of Chicago’s newest hotspots.