Homeownership A Goal For Most Americans

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The vast majority of Americans feel that buying a home is an important part of achieving the American Dream, according to a recent survey conducted by Country Financial. Nearly 90 percent of respondents viewed homeownership as a goal and – an increasing number of them – believe it is attainable for a typical middle-class family. In fact, the number of participants who said they believe owning a home is an achievable goal rose to 64 percent, according to the most recent survey. In 2013, just 41 percent of respondents said owning a home was attainable. Continued economic gains and improvement in the job market may explain the surging number of Americans that feel buying a home is within their grasp. But, among those who didn’t feel they could afford to buy a house, financial limitations, a low credit score, lack of a down payment, and the price of homes in their area were the biggest obstacles preventing them from buying. Current homeowners also said they felt their home was an important asset when considering retirement and 56 percent said they consider their home a long-term investment that will help them achieve their retirement goals. More here.

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