The Newest Must-Have Home Feature

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A new survey conducted by HGTV found nearly half of all consumers believe it’s important that their home is equipped with smart home technology. Products providing automated climate control, energy management, remote home monitoring, and lighting control systems are popular not only with buyers but also with sellers who feel it would make their home more desirable to home buyers. Charlie Young, CEO of the real estate company who sponsored the survey, said smart home enhancements have the potential to increase savings, safety, and re-sale value. And they’re especially popular with younger homeowners and buyers. In fact, more than half of Millennials said they’d consider installing smart home technology and 70 percent said it was important to them that the technology integrates with their smart phone. Young believes a smart home is one that is well-positioned for the future and aligns with a growing reliance on mobile technology. Also among the results, participants of all ages said they’d upgrade their thermostats before automating their lighting or security systems. More here.

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