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Central Lakeview, which includes Wrigleyville and part of Southport Corridor, is the neighborhood located in the center of Lakeview. It spans from Halsted Street on the east to Southport Avenue on the west and from Diversey Pkwy on the south to Irving Park Rd on the north.

Historic venues such as Music Box Theater and The Vic offer excellent entertainment options, where you’ll find cult film screenings, live music, comedy, and other offerings. Stage 773 on Belmont is another great entertainment venue offering musical theater and stage plays.

Dining options tend to be locally owned restaurants with a warm, local atmosphere. And staying true to Chicago’s past as a Prohibition hotspot, locals and visitors alike enjoy neighborhood pubs.

The Chicago Transit Authority provides public transportation via the Elevated Rails, “EL”, and bus service. Taxis are also plentiful, but parking is sometimes harder to find and so commuting is encouraged.

Central Lakeview neighborhood elementary schools include Blaine Elementary, Hamilton Elementary, Agassiz Elementary, and Burley Elementary. Lake View High School is the neighborhood’s public secondary school.

Housing is a mix of multi-unit condominiums, two and three bedroom flats, and single family homes. Victorian grey-stones and brick row houses are common, alongside newly constructed townhomes and flats. Another real estate option is apartments in mid-rise buildings. Call or text Ben at 312-810-4937 for assistance in finding the home of your dreams today in the bustling neighborhood of Central Lakeview.

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