Popular New Home Features Vary By Region

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A new analysis of the 2013 Census Bureau Survey of Construction looks at the various types of new single-family homes being built across the country and breaks down the popular preferences, price differences, and design features by region. The study, from the National Association of Home Builders, found a great deal of variance in the types of homes people prefer in different areas of the country. For example, though porches are the most popular outdoor house feature nationwide, patios are more popular in the West and West South Central region and decks are the top choice for single-family homes built in New England. Siding was another area where there were vast differences in preference depending on region. Nationally, vinyl siding is used in close to 31 percent of new homes but brick is more popular in the South and stucco was the most popular material in the West. Kevin Kelly, NAHB’s chairman, said it’s fascinating to see how newly built homes can vary significantly not only in design features and building materials, but also in terms of lot size, financing methods, and price from region to region. More here.

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