What Young Buyers Want In A Home

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Young Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 – also known as the Millennial Generation – have been slower to become homeowners than previous generations. But though there are a lot of theories as to why that is, there is also building evidence that they are becoming increasingly interested in homeownership. For example, recent data shows that, among Millennials who don’t own a home, 92 percent say they want to buy in the future. So what do prospective Millennial buyers want in a home? Proximity to amenities is among the top considerations. Younger buyers want to be close to transportation, their jobs, bars, and restaurants. They are also more interested in smaller homes and more flexible spaces compared with previous generations. According to a recent survey, they are also more likely to want a home in a good school district. School district was a deal breaker for 52 percent of young buyers. Other preferences include a home with good tech and cell phone coverage and, of course, affordability. More here.